The Low Down on Bed Bug Spray


Many people wonder “does bed bug spray work?”. There are no simple answers to this question. Professionals do spray the rooms, but they also do heat treatments. Their treatments are conjunctive formulas.

If a bed bug spray worked, then there would probably be no epidemics. Anyone would probably invest in a can of bed bug spray rather than have an infestation. The truth is though, once bed bugs are in a place, the entire place needs to be treated.

The belongings and furniture needs to be thrown out. That can be horrible if a person has expensive belongings. But the risk of re-contamination is too great. People who bring back their old possessions usually re-infest the room.

Some items can be treated for bed bugs at very high heats. People might want to put clothes in the dryer for a while to try to kill the eggs. And then they might spray the room with bed bug spray, but there are no guarantees.